Calendar into stores after Fri


We are frantically trying to sort out getting calendars into stores and organize for big meeting this weekend. Meanwhile i am getting three pregnant cats in and have a number of kittens in various spots needing a lot of attention... No time for relaxing here.

We have a fundraiser at our Kitsilano vet as well. The annual Entertainment Book is out and Arbutus West, at 16th and Macdonald, is selling it with all profits to VOKRA. Give them a call to get hours. (604) 736 6701.

Anyone who is waiting to hear back re fostering or adopting ...please send me a note as the applications and phone calls are behind again until i can get new volunteers to man a few jobs. Please let me know if we can take you off our lists as well...

Posted by kduncan on November 5, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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