Goodbye Hank


On a personal note...

Today our Hank passed over peacefully, to run with all his friends who have gone ahead.

Hank was a dog with no chance in 1998. Paul and I had gone to take a load of food to a rescue in Mission. A scrawny big guy with not much fur on him due to mange and lots of dreadful open sores, he came right up and picked Paul as his best friend, leaning on him the whole time we were there. It was a very lucky day for this big guy, and for Paul. Hankie had spent the first several months of his life at a pound ... and when he'd run out of time there, he'd been taken to the rescue as a last resort. He had been there for months as his mange and health got worse and worse ... there was very little chance he would be going home with anyone.

We drove home with all windows open and it was December...........

He knew nothing about living in a house, smelled horribly, had anxiety when left alone, and every vet who saw him said he had no chance of healing and it would be better to put him down. Then we found The Adored Beast and homeopathic practioner Julie Anne Lee. Through her care and guidance using homeopathic treatments, a raw diet, immune boosters, endless soak baths (where he and I would sit in the tub while he soaked in a mixture of soothing and healing oils, creams, tinctures and aveeno) our bedraggled and smelly guy turned into a prince...

He put up with foster dogs, puppies, kittens, and pups we adopted. He would run like the wind and ignore our calls to come back. The dog beach at Kits was a favorite place to wade up to "Hankles ankles" and woop it up with Sophie, Maggie and all the other dogs. Hank and our other dogs have gone to work with Paul for years. At the office in Gastown, here at the house, and the new office on Broadway he has always been at Pauls' side. His heart dog.

Hank and Paul had many "just the guys" holidays up the coast and on the gulf islands. True best friends.

For the last few weeks we have known our time with him was coming to an end. With the constant help and guidance of Julie and her team, he has had a painless and calm slowing down. Without her we wouldn't have had over 12 years with our Spinkly.

Today Dr. Sue came to our house and set him free. Thank you Sue for his peaceful send off.

We love you Hank.


Posted by kduncan on December 7, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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