Wow look at that ... 2010 ...

Hope you all have had a good start to this year.

We here at VOKRA are optimistic after all the great media coverage and generous donor reponse we have had over the holidays...A number of our cats and kittens have found wonderful homes. Fosters, past adopters and kind people from all over Canada and into the States have stepped up and helped us. We are paying off our bills at vets and the stress level is lowering at this end. It has been such a departure for us to have to ask for help...in ten years of operation we had not been in this position. I guess as we have grown so have the calls for help. Once we have a couple of more board meetings we will be able to post on how things are and what our new "written in stone" mandate will be. Meanwhile we are still here and i am so overwhelmed by all the notes and messages we have been sent. Thank you all so much...

Here are some pictures of kittens that are still coming in during the last two weeks...they would have had very little chance if left on the street.

All are coming around with gentle care and

lots of patience in our foster homes.

Thank you everyone for your help and support.

This is who it is for.

Posted by kduncan on January 1, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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