June is Adopt a Shelter/Rescue Cat Month


At VOKRA, every month is for rescue cats, but June has been declared official Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. VOKRA doesn't have a shelter, so we've modified this to Shelter/Rescue Cat.

Please take whatever opportunities you have to educate people about the dire situation of homeless cats, and urge them to "adopt, not shop". Many folks still purchase cats from pet stores and breeders, yet there are thousands of homeless cats -- in the Lower Mainland alone, never mind all of BC and Canada! -- in desperate need of homes.

Spread the word about spaying and neutering cats at 5 months of age. Tell people about VOKRA and other no-kill cat rescue organizations. Volunteer for a rescue group -- VOKRA is recruiting for many positions! Donate funds and supplies.

Please contact our publications team if you would like help with educational materials: Dania, danias@vokra.ca.

Please email our Volunteer Coordinator if you're interested in helping: Janet, volunteer@vokra.ca. And see our 3 June blog entry for further details about volunteer positions, plus our Volunteer Page.

Posted by dsheldon on June 5, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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