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We have a number of older cats for adoption... They have been waiting for a new home and would love you to see if you have room in your heart and home.

Take a look at Kellog and Oreo...

They have been with us such a long time. They are shy at first , but would be just lovely in a calm household.

Jethro and Ellie May have been too long without a home of their own. They were left outside when tennants moved and were in sad shape at first. They have been moved several times due to fosters

going away etc and they just want a person of their very own..Elly looks cranky in this picture but she is a beautiful gal...

We have many more adult and young adult cats available..several at each of our Petsmart locations..please consider giving an older cat (s) a great home.

Posted by kduncan on June 22, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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