Black cats!


Here is a wonderful page of info on black cats...As every shelter and rescue is harder to adopt these wonderful cats . Whether it is old superstitions, the fact that there are lots needing homes, or people think they all look the same..

We have found that some of the nicest cats are black and many of us at VOKRA have at least one. Just for starters if you wear a lot of black...the fur blends nicely. Below is a link talking about the plight of the black cat.. Please take a look and then talk to us about the young and old black beauties we have waiting for homes..This week we got in a bumper crop ...suddenly we are swimming in several , some young, some teenagers and a wonderful mom cat with four kittens as well as our hero mom...

Mary Anne...

This poor cat came to us when someone called us that she had given birth to 6 kittens and protected and fed them outside. Her kittens, 5 black and one black and white, are about 10 weeks old. You can't see it very well but she is completely matted all down her back and back legs..We are waiting for her milk to dry up and then she is to be shaved and spayed. The matts are too tight to just cut off, other than some dreads that were on her sides. She is the sweetest cat and we hope to find someone to adopt her very quickly...she deserves a happy and safe home.

Posted by kduncan on July 2, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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