Adopting an Adult Cat


Although we have "Kitten Rescue" in our name, VOKRA also cares for and tries to find homes for many adults, be those the mothers who have had their kittens with us, or other adults who for one reason or another have been made homeless -- dumped, abandoned, "we moved and the new place doesn't allow cats", human guardian dying but leaving no provision for the cat, etc.

Recently, one of our adult VOKRA cats, Miss Kitty, was adopted by Roseanne Warren, who has given her the new sobriquet of "Miss Sunshine" and created a lovely blog with daily captioned photos.

"Adopting an older cat. It is a rewarding experience!" writes Roseanne.

Take a minute or two to meet Miss Sunshine, and think about adopting an adult cat from VOKRA.

Thank you Roseanne!!

Posted by dsheldon on July 3, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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