VOKRA on craigslist tonight.


Well here we go.
For the past several years VOKRA has been working with and funding two women in Surrey who have run a TNR ( trap neuter return) program for feral cats. We are already kept extremely busy working on Vancouver and Burnaby but there was, and is, a huge problem in Surrey and outlying areas concerning wild / lost or abandoned cats who are breeding and producing hundreds and hundreds of kittens who in turn also breed. Over this time we have managed to clean up and keep on top of a few colonies that had been really out of control..as well as help a lot of people spay/neuter their own cats if they could not afford to do that. All organizing and work to make this possible is done by volunteers who care. We are now faced with closing down this program in Surrey, as the two people involved cannot carry on doing it on their own.
I am writing this to see if there are people who would be willing to join in and continue the work..We have a shed that can be put on a property. The cats are recovered in large kennels after being fixed , before being released. We have humane traps and other supplies, and a veterinarian working with us. What is needed desperately are volunteers willing to join together and try and make a difference.

Through several years of hard work, the Vancouver / Burnaby problem areas have become much better..the huge colonies of street cats are less and less common. The masses of kittens that flowed into shelters and rescues have gone way down. TNR programs work and many cities have groups that do this successfully. Feral cats that are fixed are healthier, less likely to fight , spread disease and cause problems in neighborhoods, so owned cats are much safer as well. As colonies are managed the numbers go down...no new kittens to add to the mix so there are less and less living in the group.

We would like all the time, energy and money not to have been in vain in Surrey.
If you are at all interested in joining with a group of like minded people in keeping up the progress and being part of lowering the numbers...please email with your contact info.. What i would like to do is get a list of people and have a meeting to see what can be done. We continue to get calls and emails everyday from the area about kittens and cats needing help and we just have to start turning them all down if people who live out there don't join in.
Thank you for reading..and please do not flag this.....there is just too much suffering and death when cats are allowed to breed over and over.

Thanks, karen

Posted by kduncan on July 11, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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