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At this time of year rescue is exhausting, heartbreaking and full of stress. We are getting record calls for feral or lost cats with kittens living outside, people trying to rehome cats, sick cats on street. It is agonizing to even listen to our message line which has at least 20 calls on it each day. We can no longer help in outlying areas as there is no one to run the program and no money to support calls of kittens and cats living outside and ill just haunt us. We get an average of over 40 emails a day asking for help. This time of year we are short on fosters or our fosters are going on holidays. Our Petsmart locations are jammed . People do not adopt as much at this time of everything backs up. That is the same for all rescues but esp for us as, for the health of the animals, we primarily use foster homes.

If you are thinking of fostering or adopting please send in an application now if you are available..we need you and the cats need you. If you are thinking of donating that goes double..

thank you, Karen

Posted by kduncan on July 22, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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