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Cats left for dead at side of highway

Owners could not afford to pay SPCA's surrender fee

Jill Drews Aug 03, 2010 11:27:59 AM

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association says a mother cat and her three kittens nearly died in a box left on the Lougheed Highway in Burnaby last week. The owner could not afford the SPCA's surrender fee.

The three kittens, in this case, were left in one box alongside their mother. The box had a note taped to it explaining the fee was just too much.

The Association's Ryan Voutilainen wants the public to know the fee, which is meant to help cover the cost of looking after the abandoned animal, is negotiable. "People just need to let us know that they're unable to afford it. We may require some sort of proof of income to prove that so we know you're being honest with us and not just trying to get away from paying the fee because we're non-profit."

He says the fee is meant to hold owners accountable when they don't spay or neuter their pets; however the SPCA would rather waive the fee than deal with dead pets.

*******These are the kittens and mom cat who were left in boxes . Our volunteer just was going down the road in car and saw the boxes in middle of the road.. Kittens inside one.. the other empty..A note attached that said....

“We are really sorry. We cannot afford the SPCA surrender fee. After much research we feel this is the best place for the cats.”
Luckily our trapper was out late and went right over with a trap..the mom cat was sitting by the empty box in the road and darted into underbrush...This road is just paces away from the highway and is an area where there are more than the average number of coyotes.

It took an hour ..but the cat went into the trap and then was brought to where her kittens had been taken. This could have ended very badly..and many do have terrible end because of people not taking responsibility for the animals they have taken into their lives.

Right now we get letters and calls everyday begging us to take cats that people cannot find new homes for..They have various reasons for giving the cats away. All shelters and rescues are packed to the top ... Summer is the worst possible time to try to home kittens and cats, but it is the time most people are trying to get them out.

Please, think before adopting. Have your cats fixed by five months..not after it is too late and they are pregnant or going into heat over and over, or have run off looking for female cats. These animals depend on you for their health and safety. If you cannot give them that, do not take them into your home.

VOKRA has a lot of kittens needing fostering in groups of three and four. Pregnant and nursing cats also need fosters. Enjoy them and keep them safe for us , we will supply all food etc.

We are sticking to our mandate to care for bottle kittens with no moms, very pregnant cats, and nursing cats....as well as our own adopted out cats that have to be returned. We are not able to help with the hundreds of calls and letters from people desperate to find somewhere for their beloved cats. It is not a good time to be a cat in our area or , I fear , in most areas.

Please do what you can to help. Donate, foster or adopt.

Posted by kduncan on August 4, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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