Update: Mama cat and kittens abandoned on Lougheed


Kittens and Mom Cat Abandoned in Taped-Up Box by Lougheed Highway

UPDATE: Mama Mia Gives Birth to Five Premature Kittens

Vancouver, Canada. 5 August, 2010 - The pregnant calico mother cat of three seven-week-old kittens has given birth to five one-week premature babies.

Rescued from the middle of Lougheed Highway, where she and her first litter of kittens had been abandoned in taped-up cardboard boxes, Mia gave birth the evening of August 4, 2010.

Although the babies are premature, VOKRA president Karen Duncan says the newborns are healthy and mama Mia is doing fine.

Their outcome could have been much worse if she had given birth beside the highway.

The tragedy is that five more kittens means five adult cats who will not get homes in BC, as kittens are always adopted more easily than adults.

Mama Mia, although traumatized, is a good, gentle mom, bringing her seven-week-old kittens into the nest with her newborns.

Posted by dsheldon on August 5, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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