Have we helped you with a cat?


If we have helped with cats or kittens, if we have trapped and brought in ferals or tame cats through you ... if we have helped with care.... Please support our Walk for the Kitties! Heck, even if we haven't helped you, help us make it possible for more kitties to have a happy, safe life!

This is my pledge page, if it doesn't open first time..come back to this page and link again.


Open the link and you will see it is the actual picture used for making our logo. Bunny is a cat that fought all the odds when she was young. She started having seizures when tiny, and was adopted at the time. We took her back from the adopter when it was just too hard for her to handle, and we started getting holistic care from Julie Anne Lee and Dr. Sue Hughson. Each time I thought it might be time to let her go, she would look at me with those big beautiful eyes and we would carry on. At one point she could not walk and could not see ... that was when I really felt it was time. We tried one more type of treatment and she started to have fewer and fewer seizures. She was then adopted out again to someone who thought they could handle her. Two weeks later, after not being able to contact the person, I finally reached her and heard that Bunny was lost. She had been gone almost immediatly after being taken to the person's home. I was heart-broken, got on the phone, and within 10 minutes I knew where she was and we roared over to get her. Emergency clinic, SPCA, and just that day to a vet to be fixed. We had waited until she was stronger to do the operation, but it was to be done with our vets, who knew all her background. This cat was meant to live ... and with me. She has been such a joy to have with us, and continues to love snuggling kittens, purr like a truck, and be generally a little daft.

Looking at Bunny each day reminds me why we put so much into this rescue. So many would not have happy endings if we had not become involved in their lives.

I am hoping that if you are unable to gather pledges and walk on September 11 at Jericho Beach, you will consider pledging using my page, and sending it on to as many people as you can. We cannot do it without you!

Thank you,


Posted by kduncan on September 4, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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