WOW thank you all for your support!!


oh noooooo i just wrote a whole thank you and it is gone .. way too tired to do this today.

Just want to say we are so grateful to all the people who volunteered to make our First Annual VOKRA WALK a huge success. And to the weather for holding off one day.. phew.

Will have pictures and a count in next couple of days..Meanwhile.. just want to say a big big thank you to Sahar and Daniela from Modern Mint Event Coordinators INC. You two did above and beyond to make this event a success. We are so very grateful . Also Diandra and Dania..who were in constant meetings and emails ..esp for the last couple of weeks. It is an enormous fete to put on a fundraiser like this and took all of us and more to do it..Thanks so much to all the volunteers who were out for the day and all of you who came and had fun.

The bands , Sharon Young , Posing Til Closing and the Black Tops all donated their time and music.. thank you thank you!! Especially Sharon for bringing and handling the PA for the whole day.

We will have results etc in next couple days.. but all in all.. wow..Way to go team!!!!!!!

Posted by kduncan on September 12, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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