Our biggest needs right now....


As you have seen over the past while..we are working at every possible angle to find ways of raising money. Right now our biggest need is for foster homes for adult cats esp..and for ...well...money.

We have had to turn down all new requests for help in Surrey, put off any large operations for all our cats and kittens, and direct people with found cats to other groups.

I think what people don't understand is ..yes we have an adoption fee..it covers first shot and check up , fix and tattoo for the adopter. What also goes out while they are with us is: high guality food to get them strong and healthy and growing well, worming treatments, flea treatments, care if they have something go wrong with their health. Kittens are very delicate and manage to have all kinds of health issues as they are getting ready for adoption . Not to mention the ones like Peek..who came in with one eye almost out and had to have an emergency operation. The adoption fee in no way pays for all we spend on average for each cat or kitten. As the kittens reach 5 months, they go in for their fix...hundreds all around the same time have their operations and are adding to the bills. Vets give us a society rate but we still have to pay a lot out ..

If everyone we have ever helped and everyone that wants to see us continuing to help the hundreds who come to us each year ..could send in $10 or $20 a month it would make so much difference..

I still have vets waiting to be paid..A new contact to do with food and litter will be making a huge difference in the amount going out for those two things in the coming years. Right now though , i am desperate to get in more to keep paying the vet bills.

We have used up our fundraiser money.. now praying seems like a good idea..

Anyone with any info on grants we can add to list we are applying to, or foundations who will support or ??? please send in. And hey ...tax receipts are valuable for people with masses of money or businesses..!


Her stitches are out now and is doing great.

Posted by kduncan on September 27, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

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