Peek A Boo


VOKRA loves all our rescues. No matter what time of day (or night) there is a call, VOKRA is there to help out those that can not help themselves. Once and a while, there is a very special story that comes along that especially touches our hearts and seems to affect every single wonderful volunteer and supporter in our organization. Here, I am talking about Peek A Boo.
Thankfully, someone called VOKRA, telling us about a crying kitten in a bush. Peek A Boo was found in the bushes, all alone. Where did she come from? Where was her mom? And her siblings? We do not know.
Peek A Boo (as we later named her) was bitten many times, most likely from a bird. She survived that attack but was left with an injured eye that had to be removed.
She was rushed to the great care of the Killarney Animal Hospital where they removed her eye and then she went to a caring volunteer who nursed her post-op.
With lots of love and attention, she is now doing well and is so happy and grateful. She is so sweet and, despite her rough and lonely start to life, she has become a purr machine.
Peek A Boo has found a home where she will be forever loved and safe indoors.
Thanks to all that helped Peek A Boo and we are so grateful to have been able to help and find her a forever home.

Posted by Grino on January 6, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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