Open Volunteer Meeting TODAY!


Hello All Vokra Volunteers and those wanting to be VOKRA Volunteers

Re: Jan 19th Fundraising and Special Events Meeting at 7 pm

Fundraising meeting, Jan 19th to, as requested, get some of you involved in our on-going fundraising activities and special events! Email for meeting location.

We still need great people like you to particiapte and take the lead of several activities for VOKRA and the kitties.

Hot dog sale (Feb 12 and 13th) at the Petsmarts (E Van and N Van)
Regular Tisol Table (monthly) at Arbutus or Grand View locations
Help with Spring Garden Sale in Kits
Gift Card Program - done form home and then to the post office
School Programs (children education)
Brain storm some ideas and bring them to the meeting : )
We need someone for minutes too!

Meeting Wed, January 19th. 7:00 pm, Write for meeting location
For the Kitties!!!

Posted by Grino on January 14, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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