Kelsey and Kinsey


Kelsey and Kinsey are still waiting for a home. They were found on the street abandoned. This pair has been overlooked for so long. We can't bring them into our Petsmart locations as they don't do well there.

Here is what the foster has to say:

Kinsey is an amazing cat and over time has become very friendly. We believe he was abandoned. He is a character for sure. He's always at the front door when I get home and pretty much follows me around when I'm home. He likes to sleep on the bed with me, always comes to snuggle when I'm hanging out and will even sit on my lap when I'm on the computer. He is very playful and loves to play with pipe cleaners and any other toys laying around for him but his favorite is a mouse toy that he hunts constantly.

Kelsey is a very pretty cat with very soft fur. She has come a long way and gets friendlier every day…she is now part of the family. She comes and sits with me when I'm watching TV and even sleeps on the bed with me. She's not super playful so probably wouldn't be great around kids but she does love to be pet and has started snuggling. She hasn't quite warmed up to strangers yet but is more tolerant of new people than she used to be. It might take her a while to get used to a new home but once she comes around, she'll be a great cat.

Kelsey is slightly older, a female and was found at the same time as Kinsey. She is shyer and therefore does not make great first impression.

Won't you please give these two a chance at a home together? Apply here.

Posted by kduncan on March 15, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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