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Long Term--Gift Card Co-od-Few hours a month, good with Excel, accounting, reconciliation, organized and efficient

Long Term-Foster assistant-One hour per day, has car, cell phone, some computer skills, great communicator, organized and able to act QUICKLY!

Long Term-Foster Co-od-10 hrs per week, some computer skills, ability to problem solve and communicate with people, patience and understanding during certain situations, ability to work quickly when needed during emergency situations

Long Term Driver- Sunday Driver, 2 hrs, own car, strong back, can lift litter bags, cell phone

Short Term -Grant Researchers and Writers-3 hours per week.We want people to find grants VOKRA is eligible to apply for. Also, by using a template, fill out grant application forms and then we will have our Board of Directors edit a final copy for submission.

Thank you!!!

Thanks for helping the kitties!


Posted by Grino on March 16, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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