Second Chances


Once a VOKRA cat, always a VOKRA cat.

This was the case with Winona. She was born to us as a kitten and went off to her forever home.

Still, once a VOKRA cat, always a VOKRA cat.

A few years later, Winona's gardian fell in to some health challenges and could no longer take care of this precious little bundle. Surrendering a loved pet is always a challenge for us as volunteers and the owners who have come to that decision.

It was a sunny day when I went to pick up Winona from her home but no amount of sun could lift my spirits in knowing that I was taking her from her home, the place she knew. Winona was not happy with me or the car ride to VOKRA Headquarters. She quickly became depressed, hid and would not eat. She especially did not like me. Karen worked her usual magic, having seen this kind of heart break before, and Winona came around, thanks to her and Winona's great Foster Parents.

It is because of your endless volunteer hours of dedication and donations that make this VOKRA policy possible, that we can say, "Once a VOKRA cat, always a VOKRA cat."

It is because of your endless devotion and donations that Winona came back to us where she was unconditionally cared for and not abaondoned on the streets or euthanized and had a second chance at a forever home.

Here is what Winona's new Gaurdians have to say:

"Just a quick update to let you know that Winona's new parents absolutely love her and are very happy they adopted her. She easily transitioned into her new household without much stress and the other Vokra cat "Sam" has been fairly calm around her. She is very friendly and affectionate and has already brought them a gift....a mouse!!! She is an indoor cat so this means mice are getting into their the whold famliy is happy that she will keep this situation under control :)"

Please, to donate and save more cats like Winona, click here.

Posted by Grino on March 18, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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