Tim & Mickey Desperately Need a Home


Watch here!

video of Timothy at rest home before he was trapped:

video of Timothy at foster home:

Timothy was originally trapped at a rest home when he was under a year old. People had been feeding the cats and allowed many litters to be born before VOKRA was called. Luckily, Timothy survived out on his own.

Timothy needs a place with no stairs as he has bad back legs. He is friendly once he knows you and would love to sleep on your bed! As much as Timothy likes to mooch treats, he is cautious of strangers. With the right home and care, he will quickly grow out of this behaviour.

Timothy needs a quiet home with no children where his needs are respected. He is a special guy who must be adopted with MICKEY MOUSE. They were adopted together once but unfortunately were returned after several years due to a change in the adopters life. THEY BOTH need some TLC.

Is it with you?

Posted by Grino on March 20, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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