Arthur Needs a Sponsor


We have some news about dear ARTHUR who we rescued from Surrey, BC last fall. This precious guy needs your support.

Arthur Needs a Sponsor or a few! His food, vet and litter costs are only $100/month. If a few people banded together to donat $10/month or if a very generous donor would donate the whole lot, Arthur will be as snug as a kitty in a rug!

Sponsor Arthur HERE and donate HERE

Arthur and his brother, Angus, were abandoned in a neighbourhood where they were not welcome. Both boys were starved and were skin and bones.

Angus had two gaping wounds from his ears down his neck. This required expensive plastic surgery. His handsomeness was enhanced with his ears now sticking out sideways.

Angus was adopted right away. Arthur had experienced malnutrition and was weak when he came to us. His ears had been frostbitten from the cold.

Since being in a loving foster home Arthur has been so grateful to have regular meals and even travel with his foster mom and dad in the car to the island for weekends. Arthur hasn't been well since coming to us. An expensive ultrasound has just diagnosed him with Lymphoma. We are starting a much needed fund for Arthur's palliative care and subsequent upcoming medical bills.

Fans of Arthur can donate online on the VOKRA website

Here is Arthur's video. Although we asked for someone to adopt ARTHUR in his video, his forever home will now be with VOKRA and his foster mom and dad.

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Posted by Grino on March 25, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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