Why We volunteer: Happy Endings


Why we Volunteer:

Week 1:

Dear Peg (Our Adoptions Manager)

Once again, my heartfelt thanks for walking

me through the joy of bringing Crocus

home to me as an owner. I have greatly

appreciated all that you have done,

and in such a fun and pleasant manner

too. You are made for that work!

So I will go to that place in North

Van on Saturday. For your information,

as we agreed, the fee will be $125 and

I will be bringing it to your lady there

in cash. Following that, I will take

my excellent cat carrier to Janelle's (Foster Mom)

home, make sure she is as comfortable

as possible for her trip to West Van.

I'm going to pick up some flowers

for Janelle, the foster mom. She

has done such a great thing by

taking Crocus in and loving her.

For now,

Crocus' New Forever Mom

Week 2:

Just a quick note to say that Crocus
is making out well. She ate her food
and used her litter box the very first
day. Then the next day, she very
daintily ate some Treats off my
hand. She seems cautious, of
course, but not shaking or acting
nervous in any way.

I'm keeping her in the bathtub
with a towel from Janelle and a
lovely soft blanket from me.
Last night I went in to find her
sound asleep with her head on
a big rubber ducky that I put in
the tub for company. Oh, how
I wished I'd had a camera!

I knew you would be wondering
so thought I'd drop you a line.

Thank you again for all the
trouble you went to in
making sure Crocus ended
up in my welcoming arms.
I love her dearly.

Continued success with your
work. If I have an chance
to do any fundraising for you,
I certainly will.

Crocus' Forever Mom

Week 3:


Yes, after a nice long note of advice
from Janelle, I pretended I wasn't
afraid and rubbed her nose and chin
and fed her some Treats. She was
delighted with all of that.

Janelle said she doesn't meow
but instead her way of
communicating is hissing
but not to worry that she
will hurt me.

So far so good.

She really surprised me this
afternoon. I was tired and was
lying on my bed in my bedroom
watching TV. I had my door
open, although I first closed the
bathroom door. I am leery of
Crocus running in under my
bed and having to haul/coax
her back out.

Well, I was lying there and
suddenly Crocus walked
confidently into my bedroom,
tail up, Miss Little Confidence
herself. Then she stopped,
turned around and looked
at me as if to say:
"Well, here I am!"

I'll have to make sure that bathroom
door is closed tight every time,
but I knew you would enjoy
the little story.

Thanks so much.

Posted by Grino on April 14, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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