What to do When you find a kitten or a litter of Kittens outside!


What do you do if you discover a litter of tiny kittens outside?

First of all, consider the following points:
That you have found the kittens alone doesn't mean that the mother has abandoned them. This is not a casual possibility although many people claim that the mother cat simply left them and never returned. Cats are very loyal and fiercely connected to their
babies, and the most likely reason you cannot find her is:

a) she is injured, had an accident or has been killed or poisoned
b) someone trapped her and took her away
c) she is currently away looking for food
d) she is fearful of you and is hiding out of sight -many abandoned cats take on a very shy personality when out on the street, and feral cats will never approach a human unless cornered or under extreme provocation.


Wait an hour or two to see if you can spot the mother returning. Whether she does return or not, your best action plan and advice will come by calling/emailing an organization like VOKRA, rescue@vokra.ca, which rescues feral and abandoned cats and kittens, and they will know what to do to be able to take in the babies and the mother and keep them all together. There is NO scenario for the kittens that is better than their own mother caring for them and nursing them.

If you take the litter indoors and the mother is outside lurking, consider that she is under extreme distress that her kittens are now gone, and the likelihood is that you may have sentenced her to a slow painful death in that she will develop an agonizing and life threatening condition called mastitis which is an infection of the mammary glands. A nursing mother full of milk with her babies taken away has no way to expel her milk.

Here are some links to some great advice if you do find yourself caring for an orphan litter:


It is crucial to be able to test the kitten for dehydration - tiny kittens can die within hours of dehydration:


Posted by Grino on April 25, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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