Leslie and Virginia


VOKRA would like to say a very special thank you to Leslie who fostered Virginia for 2 years.

Virginia recently passed and we all felt the impact. Leslie the most.

Leslie, who had been fostering Virginia for 2 years,has been a great foster to us for many years.Leslie, and many like her, are there every day for VOKRA rescues. Through all health, behaviour and taming challenges.

Virginia had quite the roller coaster ride since VOKRA saved her from a horrible life on the streets. When first rescued, we named her Virgil but this was not too important as she was so badly flee bitten, we were told she might not make it because she had lost so much blood. She scratched most of my fur off as she was tormented by these awful critters for so long! Then she got a horrible cold and looked even worse! Soon Virginia healed and VOKRA placed her with a special foster, Leslie, that understood Virginia's needs.

They had 2 wonderful years together.

Leslie, please know that Virginia knew human compassion, kindness and love and shared a very special bond with you.

We are eternally grateful for this.

Posted by Grino on May 15, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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