Why Volunteer? Happy Endings


Dear Karen and the VOKRA team,

May 19 is the one year anniversary of meeting our two little girls, thanks to VOKRA. Formerly known as Sushi and Wasabe, Suki and Kyla are a couple of monkeys who keep me laughing with their antics. I feel very lucky to share my home with them and, fortunately, they agree that I am very lucky I get to live with them.

We are enjoying getting to know the girls and they continue to blossom. There are also a few things they’ve reminded us about having younger furry kids in the house and I’d like to share some with you:
Humans can be taught new tricks. Or retrained. Even the old ones. It often requires dramatic, exaggerated gestures, high-pitched, loud vocals and constant positive reinforcement.

Never pass up an opportunity to nap, especially if your human is available. Or a sunny spot. Or a nice soft bed in front of a furnace vent. Never pass up a nap.

If you have treasures you prefer admired from afar, put them away in a cabinet. Preferably one that curious little paws can’t open. Putting items up high will not deter furry friends with springs in their feet.
Look before backing up. You never know who’s pulled up behind you.

Changing bed linens requires “under covers” supervision.
Nothing is more comforting than a full time devoted furry nurse.
Constant training is required for a cat’s two dream careers: NASCAR racing and professional wrestling.
All cats can spell at least one word, typically t.r.e.a.t.s.
Thank you for introducing Suki and Kyla to our family. It’s hard to believe they haven’t always been part of it.


Posted by Grino on May 19, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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