Blackie's Story: A Senior Cat abandoned at Trout Lake


Blackie is a dear ole girl, 12-14 years old. She was a stray found around Trout Lake, Vancouver.

When she came to us she was starved and a blood tests revealed she was suffering from a high thyroid condition, a very cheap medication that may have led to her owners abandoning her out of ignorance of her condition. She also had a cold and had to be on two rounds of antibiotics.

Her teeth are bad, but she cannot tolerate any dental work at this time because of her low body weight.

Recently she stopped eating so she went back to the vet andfor the past few days, she has been on IV fluids. Another blood test shows she needs a higher dose of thyroid medicine, so again more medication and force feeding by the staff to help her survive!

We love Blackie and want the best for her and her vet bills are very expensive.

If anyone can either sponser her or donate any amount it will be greatly appreciated by VOKRA and Blackie!

Posted by Grino on May 24, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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