Happy Endings


Ben, our Concrete cat, was found covered in concrete, scared and skinny!

Here is what he has to "say:"

I want to tell you that I'm doing really well. I'm still in my cage, but really I've recovered from my operation and want to go OUT to EXPLORE. My helper, Lori, is feeding me and grooming me and cuddling me, too. That's fine, but I can hardly wait to walk around the apartment and see what is there.

I had a bit of a cold. Lori gave me homeopathic remedy and antibiotics and now I'm eating like a horse!! I'm sure when I see the vet later this week, the x-ray will show that I'm fine.

I'm feeling pretty comfortable. When my bald patches grow in, I'll look sleek and cool. I can hardly wait. My silky black hair will then cover my whole body again. My photos don't do me justice because when Lori was taking the pictures I was trying to get into the closet or getting as close to her as I could. She couldn't get a flattering shot of me - she'll keep trying. Then, she'll sent you some updated photos.

I won't be going outside again, so don't worry about me getting hit by a car. I'm done with carousing!

Ben (the concrete cat)


Frances was hit by a car.

Frances was hit by a car and rescued by VOKRA. Here is her Foster moms update!
As it turns out, Frances is a bit of a cuddler, the past few mornings I have woken up to her cuddling with me or attempting to cuddle with Hercules my other cat or else I am woken up by her playfully chasing my toes under the blanket. Here are some pictures I have taken of her recently.

Posted by Grino on May 25, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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