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As you see we are doing a big push for our fundraiser on Aug 21/11. This is our largest fundraiser of the year and extremely important way to keep us going - My giving page is:

I don't really want to sound desperate, but I am. We are constantly told how wonderful what we do is and constantly asked for help for animals that have no chance. What is needed to continue this work is money.

To run a NO-KILL rescue it takes hugely dedicated people and a lot of money. We are bringing in and helping and homing over 1400 cats a year. Some are going to be in our care a long time. Some get a lot of vet care and don't make it. The majority are placed in loving forever homes. Our adoption fee nowhere near covers the average amount each animal costs us to help.

We need your support to continue. Our vets are holding on as we slowly pay down bills but at this time of year a great deal is owed.

Please join us in raising funds. If you do not want to walk, that is fine, come to the Festival and buy raffle tickets, play games, get your face painted, listen to the band. Learn about what we do!

I am attaching my Giving Page here. Sponsor me or one of our other walkers.

The abused , injured and homeless are still flowing in still being humanely trapped to get the help they need. Injured kittens and cats, starving and flea infested moms with kittens. We do not get any assistance other than what we can raise ourselves through fundraisers, searching for grants and contests, people who kindly include us in their wills.

Please support us in what we do all funds go directly into the care and feeding of our cats and kittens. Not one person is paid a thing we do this to make a difference for the cats and kittens in Vancouver and Burnaby. We have made a difference but it costs a lot.

I am attaching our breakdown of where money was spent for 2009. Our 2010 numbers will be available soon and we will be posting them on our site and our Facebook page.

My giving page is:

Lets see if we can get it going..anything you can spare will add up.

Thank you,

Karen Duncan,

Tired yet hopeful, VOKRA president.

Posted by kduncan on August 9, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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