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Walk-a-thon at Jericho Beach to raise money for feline rescue

Peter Meiszner and Jennifer Palma, Global News : Sunday, August 21, 2011 3:42 PM


Dozens of people gathered at Jericho Beach Sunday with their beloved feline friends to help raise money for the rescue of orphaned cats in the Lower Mainland.

The second annual walk-a-thon hopes to raise $50,000 for VOKRA, the Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association.
It costs the association $28,000 a month to care for feral cats and kittens.
VOKRA is made up off all volunteers and is a no-kill shelter. They rescue hundreds of homeless cats from the streets every year.
“We go out and do the humane trapping of the wild cats and get them fixed, and stop the circle of producing kittens,” said Karen Duncan of VOKRA.
There are almost 400 felines in the care of VOKRA that need a home. Adoption covers a vet check-up and shot, and a spay or neuter and tattoo.
Visit www.orphankittenrescue.com for more information.

Vancouver orphan kitten rescue group needs help

Karen Duncan holds Nora (top) and Tater (bottom) near the Jericho Sailing Centre in  Vancouver, B.C., August 21, 2011.  Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) held the Walk for Kitties.

Karen Duncan holds Nora (top) and Tater (bottom) near the Jericho Sailing Centre in Vancouver, B.C., August 21, 2011. Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) held the Walk for Kitties.

Photograph by: Arlen Redekop, PNG

A Vancouver-based animal rescue organization overwhelmed with abandoned kittens is in dire need of funds and foster families. The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, founded in 2000, rescues 1,300 cats annually, racking up more than $300,000 in vet bills. “The medical expense is enormous,” said co-founder Maria Soroski at the organization’s Walk for the Kitties festival and walkathon at Jericho Beach Sunday. “It’s expensive to spay and neuter cats. A lot of them have been on the streets and they’re starved or sick and come with injuries.” The non-profit, which has been hit hard by recent gaming grant cuts, raised $30,000 last year and hopes to raise a similar amount this year. The group does not operate a shelter. Instead, it places abandoned or orphaned cats with foster families across Metro Vancouver until they are well enough to be put up for adoption. Currently, it has more than 350 cats on its roster, but only 100 foster families, forcing many temporary caregivers to double or triple up. It also operates a trap, neuter and release program, where feral cats too old to be domesticated are humanely trapped and neutered to ensure they stop reproducing uncontrollably in the wild. They are then released back to where they were found. The organization expanded to Burnaby in 2006 and to Surrey two years ago. Donna Lorimer, who has been fostering kittens for 11 years, can only shake her head at the irresponsibility of pet owners who don’t spay or neuter their cats and abandon them or their offspring. Two months ago, she took in two abandoned kittens, barely two weeks old, found mewling in a brown paper bag in a Yaletown dumpster. The kittens, christened Maggie and Morgan, have since recovered and are ready to be adopted. In a separate case, three dehydrated and flea-infested kittens were found late July in a garbage bin at Nanaimo’s Departure Bay ferry terminal; one had to be euthanized due to its injuries. “People get desperate and they try to get rid of them, but throwing them out is not acceptable,” said Lorimer. “They’re not disposable.” It costs about $130 to spay or neuter a cat. The B.C. SPCA Vancouver animal hospital offers free or low-cost services for low-income pet owners. To adopt or donate, go to vokra.ca. The organization charges $175 for kitten adoptions and $125 for adult cats.

Translated with internet (teehee):

Health behavior cat fund-raising event (08-21 18:25)

Sing Tao
Cat lovers abandoned cat behavior and health funds. Lie group photo Second Annual "Health behavior cat" (Walk for the Kitties) fund-raising activities, Sunday in Vancouver Jericho Beach (Jericho Beach) hold. Organizers hope to raise $ 50,000 for the stray cats abandoned to find foster families. Hiking activities by the "Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association" (Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association, referred to as VOKRA) initiated activity at 10 am to noon held five two kilometers and 10 kilometers journey, hundreds of public participation.

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