Box Kitties!


Recently, 5 gorgeous kittens were found in a box, abondoned at the Aldergrove Auction.

We are happy when folks know to call VOKRA, as we will alter (spay and neuter) the kittens, find them furever homes and stop the cycle of unwanted, homeless kittens and cats and their suffering. Here are the kittens at there foster home.

The foster tells us, "once a box kitty, always a box kitty."

From the adopters of two of the five kittens:

***“Hi Ines,

Just sending a photo of the kitties with my son and daughter. My kids love them. Cloud is now called Suki. Have bought some coconut oil and the seem to be cleaning themselves more often.The stains are coming off slowly. The kitties have adapted very easily and they are a joy to have.

Thanks again for all your tips.”

And here are the kitties when we FIRST got them:

Posted by Grino on November 13, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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