Vanessa & her Kittens


Story by Ellen

When Vanessa first arrived on the front porch of a stranger’s home with her three kittens in tow, she must’ve been looking for some kind of help, but just didn’t quite know how to go about accepting it- and her kittens had plans of their own! And so her story became something more of a saga.

Upon receiving the call that alerted her to a mom cat and her three kittens showing up at a house on Vanness Avenue, Janet rushed over, hoping to make a quick catch of the kittens, and then set up a trap for their mom. However, things didn’t go quite so smoothly. By the time Janet arrived the kittens had dispersed under the patio, and she was only able to trap the mom before Maria showed up with more traps for the kittens, which were left out overnight. In the meantime, the mom cat, who was quite tame, was taken home.

By morning, things had not gone as planned, and the kittens had not made their way into the traps. After searching around the house and the block for three hours, Maria was still unable to locate them, and she called Janet to bring the mom cat back. Making the decision to leave her in a crate overnight in the pouring rain, the hope was that she would call her little ones back to her.

The next morning, however, the kittens had still stayed away. Maria put a radio collar onto the mom, briefly considering letting her go so that she could find the kittens herself. That plan was nixed, however, and the mom cat remained in the crate, while the return of the kittens was patiently awaited.

After a couple of hours, Maria returned to the news that a kitten had been spotted on the patio, though it had since disappeared. Crawling around in the mud and through bushes, she was able to locate a hole underneath the patio, and lo and behold, a kitten inside of it. The hole, however, was far too deep for Maria to be able to pluck the kittens out, so three baby traps were set and placed. As it turned out, these kittens were quite clever and resourceful, just not for their own good! By midnight, though, two of the kittens had been caught, and Janet loaded them into the crate with their mom. The third was nowhere to be found, but was successfully trapped by early the next morning. Here is where the story should end, but doesn’t.

Since getting a kitten out of a trap can be difficult, Janet decided to leave the last one for Maria to get out. Arriving at noon, Maria expected to quickly untrap the kitten, and take the whole family away, but was instead greeted by a hissing mom cat, who had escaped, and was now perched on a fence. The two kittens in the crate had also wandered away, and all that remained was the third trapped baby.

Unequipped with the gear to get the mom cat down, Maria’s only choice was to sweet talk her into coming down, aided by the ever-helpful promise of food. Happily, it worked, and mom cat was returned to the crate. Still, the two escaped kittens remained MIA. Since cats love to hide, and heaps of junk sat on the patio, it was a good guess that they might be somewhere underneath it all. Sure enough, Maria reached in, and felt a kitten. It wasn’t long before she felt the second one, who managed a fierce bite in protest. Maria, though, refused to let go, and swooped them both up and into the crate. The mom and her three cats were rescued at last!

After a long rescue journey, Vanessa (named after the street that she was found on) and her kittens are resting contentedly, and Vanessa no longer has to worry about the safety of herself and her babies.

See great pics below of Vanessa and her Kittens now in VOKRA Foster Care and follow their story on facebook @

Posted by Grino on November 13, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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