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Big shout out to VOKRA Volunteer, Shirley H, who was determined to trap West End skunk, Bubbles, so that the bubble tea lid constricting her neck since August could be removed!

Shirley was out every night for the past week attempting to trap Bubbles. Finally, last night, success! Then Shirely drove Bubbles herself to the great people at the
Wildlife Rescue Association (WRA) of BC in Burnaby!

Bubbles was very well behaved the whole ride and did not spray at all - she knew Shirley would get her help.

Successful surgery was performed by the WRA staff Tuesday to remove the lid. After 8 weeks, Bubbles will be released back to a natural habitat, healthy and lid free.

Thank you WRA for doing what you do!

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VOKRA is still looking for a small white cat with grey spots and a tabby black-and-white striped tail lost in the West End. If you spot him, contact Shirley at VOKRA at 604-619-7019 or by e-mail at

Posted by Grino on November 15, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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