Kathy's New Furever Home


***From Karen Duncan, VOKRA President, November 2011:

“This is Kathy that I trapped on the coldest night of year last winter [in 2010.]
The man who had been feeding her for months after another person moved
away ( he had been feeding her on street too..) was worried as it was so
cold . So I trapped her ..she then got out of kennel in my office and
lived behind the furnace for a couple of months..being very tidy , using
box ..eating all her food..but hissing and panicking if I went too near.
All the sudden she started coming to me for treats and purring. And
rubbing against my legs ..I had her go to foster then and she has just
gotten better and better.. She is still sticking her tongue out I see in
pics! I think about 6 years living under a small wooden staircase behind
a restaurant at broadway and main. Lucky gal! Karen”

From Kathy’s New Furever Mom in November 2011:

“Hi Karen,

I just want to update you on how wonderful Kathy is doing! She is so
comfortable with her surroundings now she never goes into the washroom to
hide anymore, and hasn't had another accident ever since that incident on
my bed.

She is the most affectionate and loving cat ever. When I get home from
work, she is meowing, following me around, rubbing up against my legs and
just demanding to be petted and cuddled. I have to spend a good ten
minutes with her before I can take off my coat!
As soon as I sit down, she is instantly on my lap and headbutting my
hands until I start petting her. She purrs non-stop and is very vocal and
meows to me when I talk to her.

She doesn't seem to know how to play with toys or use cat beds and I'm
guessing this is due to living in the streets and not having access to
them when she was growing up. I am slowly teaching her to play with toys
but she is very scared and even hostile towards cat beds of all types.
She seems to enjoy sleeping on my bed anyways and I am more than happy to
have her use me as a pillow! Sometimes I wake up with her on top of my
chest or back and even my face or neck few times!
She loves giving me massages and kneads on my arms and legs that I am
constantly covered in tiny scratches from this lovely act of affection.
(I am slowly getting her used to trimming her nails!)

I am so happy she is showing so much affection and love. I am truly lucky
to have such an amazing cat as Kathy in my life and hopefully she is as
happy as I am! She brought so much joy into my life and I can't imagine
my life without her now.
Here are some pictures of her! :)


Posted by Grino on November 18, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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