Just about any cat...


Just about any cat....

About 2 years ago, VOKRA was called to a help trap at a house. Maria had no idea what to expect. Turned out to be a hoarding situation.

2 gorgeous long haired Ginger cats had soon tunred into 30+ cats. The owners had asked for help elsewhere with spaying and neutering and were declined. The cats were living in filth, no clean litter boxes, no human attention, so much so that some were feral!

Many found furever homes and others found a home at one of our barn locations.

Here is an update from Sharon who adopted two of the more feral Gingers:

"I've had this boy just over a year and a half. He was practically feral and had to be netted to get him in the carrier when I picked him up at the Southlands barn. He was so terrified of me when I brought him home, he would not come out from under the bed for a few weeks, other than to use the litter box when I was in bed or not home.

Here he is lying on my bed on his back right after I buried my nose in his tummy fluff. :) Just about any kitty can be tamed with patience!"

Posted by Grino on December 11, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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