A Thank You Letter


(Letter written by Khui).

Hello and Merry Christmas to the wonderful team at Vokra!

While in the care of Vokra we were known as Isabella and MiniMe. Our new names are Halia and Khui. This is a

letter to let you know how we are doing in our new home.

Hawaii is a very special place for Shannon and Nathan so our new names in Hawaiian have special meanings.

Khui (means) – The little brave one

Halia (means) – In remembrance of a loved one. Halia has been named in honor of Shannon’s beloved cat Sasha of

14 years who passed away this past fall.

We are now living in South Surrey with our new family Shannon and Nathan. Nathan is a 10 yr old boy with lots of

energy and loves all animals. His dream in life is to become a vet and help keep cats and dogs healthy and happy.

It was a little bit tricky at the beginning when young Nathan broke out in lots of hives and welts after I gave him

good tongue bath. So we were unsure what to do. However it seems that after a couple days apart while Nathan

visited his grandparents and as long as I don’t lick Nathan, we are all one happy family with no hives or reactions.

Thank goodness!

We are settling in well to our new home and after staying in Shannon’s cozy bedroom for a couple of days we are

now venturing around the home and finding lots of fun and places to explore.

Halia really likes the rug by the fireplace for a warm cozy nap and stretches out really long for a belly or chin rub.

You can also find her curled up on the couch where she naps and watches out the window.

I like to explore and chase Nathan around the house. I really like racing Nathan down the stairs, sometimes Halia

even tries to beat us, but mostly she just waits until we thump down. I can take several stairs at one time! We go

up and down the stairs chasing the squeaky mouse. Nathan also ties a string to a windup car and it shoots across

the room… this is really good fun! I run really fast and get good airtime across the floor as I chase the car. Halia

watches us and sometimes pounces on the car when the squeaky mouse is attached. Halia loves the squeaky

mouse and will always come running to pounce on it as soon as she hears the squeak! Nathan and I have so much

energy, not sure who will get tired first. Our favorite thing is coming up with new games and adventures.

I am so busy checking everything out and running around the house. Shannon thinks my front paws are cute as I

spread my toes out when I get really excited and I look like I have webbed feet. I like to follow Shannon

everywhere and stay close to her when I am not playing with Nathan. I like to peak in all the cupboards and

drawers. I even like to sit on the dishwasher door while she is loading or unloading the dishwasher. When she

works at home I play at her feet or even help her type on the laptop. Nathan thinks it is quite funny that I sit on

the edge of the bathtub while he has a shower. I do like playing with water and everyone giggles when I stand in

my water dish while having a drink of water. Halia gives a few meows when she wants a drink and the bowl is

empty because I have spilled water all over the floor. It is just too much fun!

Halia likes to be picked up and snuggled by everyone especially when they give her chin rubs or a scratch behind

the ears. I am a very wiggly boy and don’t like to be held, but I do cuddle up to Shannon when she picks me up,

after a quick cuddle I am off and running again. We like sleeping with Shannon at night and having some cuddles. I

like to hold Shannon’s fingers in my paws and if I can’t find them, I nose around until I find her fingers and then

wrap my paws around them. Halia snuggles on Shannon’s feet and sometimes gets playful and nibbles on her

toes. We both purr very loudly when falling asleep. We are very curious about Nathan’s room and have only had a

few peaks into the room, but we are told that we need to stay out of his room to make sure that he doesn’t have

any reactions. So for now we love to play with him around the house. Nathan chatters to us all the time and even

sings Christmas carols. I am wondering who this Frosty guy is and just how many jingle bells does one need for a

sleigh? I sure like the bells in my toys! Nathan also wants to know if I like snow. He says it is the best thing ever. I

am pretty sure Halia and I will happily watch from the window.

The Christmas decorations are so interesting and have kept me very curious to sniff them and play with them. I

really like to climb on the mantle and wander through all the decorations, but they keep taking me down from

there. It is just such a curious place to explore. I am unsure of whom that other cat is looking back at me when I

stand in front of the mirror, so I will keep checking it out and let you know. Nathan bought us these “angry birds”

plastic balls with bells in them and I like to go crazy chasing them all over the kitchen. My new favorite game with

the birds is when they are all put into a huge basket and I get to chase them around and around in the basket.

Halia sits and watches and waits for me to spill out of the basket and then she chases the birds.

We are both really good at meowing loudly when Shannon is preparing our food, although Halia is louder than

me. We love breakfast and dinner time. I have even climbed up Shannon’s leg to try and get to the food faster.

Nathan says I look like a hungry shark circling Shannon’s legs around and around while she gets our food ready.

It is sure lots of fun at our new home. Shannon and Nathan give us lots of love and we like meeting all their good

friends. We want to give a big thank you to all the kind people at VOKRA who took such good care of us for many

months. And a big thanks to Shelley for knowing that we were a good match for Shannon and Nathan’s home.

We are sending you some pictures along for you to see. We are just getting used to the camera, but given that

Shannon loves photography I am sure we will be in many pictures to come. We will be sure to keep in touch as we

continue our adventures.

Merry Christmas!

Love and Hugs,

Khui, Halia, Shannon and Nathan

Posted by Grino on December 23, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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