Compassion & Commitment


Compassion and Commitment

Patience is a virtue. Thanks to Desiree B, Momma has a forever, indoor home.
Read Momma's amazing story here.
Desiree B says:

Thanks so much to Maria & VOKRA. Momma was a feral kitty in our alley. Living under a car with her babies. VOKRA came and trapped them. Momma got released back outside after being spayed. She didn't get use to people. We fed her and gave her fresh water. That was 4 years ago, it's been a slow process with her. From her living in our garage, to sleeping in our laundry room, coming in and out of our house and since we moved to a busy street she's an indoor cat now. Her favourite thing is to cuddle and she loves kisses. She shoves her face in yours just for the kisses. I wish all the stray kitties out their got a happy ending like she has, she's come such a long way.

Remarkably, Momma is the Black and White Kitty under the red car in VOKRA Maria's Video, "The Ghetto."

Posted by Grino on January 15, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

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