VOKRA & Katie's Place Rescue Kitty From Tree With big help from Cassandra's Tree Service


Recently, Katie's Place and VOKRA have come together to help Surrey cats. This is a very special story of one of those rescues.

One post on Facebook by a VOKRA volunteer saved the life of frightened Little Joe (AKA Oakley), a sweet gray kitty from Surrey who was found stuck 60 feet up in a tree, for an estimated five days. Volunteers arrived at the tree last weekend same evening of the post to check on the cat, but unfortunately it was too dark to rescue. The next morning a whole team of volunteers from VOKRA, Katie's Place, and the generous rescuers at Cassandra's Tree Service from Maple Ridge came together to scale the tree, rescue Little Joe, and place him in a loving foster home. He will be ready to adopt soon from Katie's Place!

If you would like to help with costs, please
donate at http://katiesplaceshelter.com/

Huge thanks to Cassandra's Tree Service: 604-463-3245

All these folks turned out to help. This is around 7 am! VOKRA volunteers had only heard about the cat's plight around 5:30 pm the night before. Katie's Place stepped in, found Cassandra's Tree Service to help and sponsoured Little Joe's (AKA Oakley's) rescue!

Here are Katie's Place and VOKRA volunteers early in the morning, waiting for Cassandra's Tree Service! Staying dry : )

Joe, from Cassandra's Tree Service in Maple Ridge, is sizing up the tree. In the Daylight, volunteers realized that the cat was 60 ft up - not 30 ft as thought!

Can you see Joe way up there?

Look at that tail!! Or is it?

Little Joe made no fuss. He knew Volunteers were there to help.

A little camera shy.

Joe from Cassandra's Tree Service in Maple Ridge - Our hero!

Little Joe has a new name, Oakley, and is now happy and healthy! He is currently being fostered and will be ready for adoption soon. He is a very affectionate. loving cat.

Both VOKRA and Katie's Place are 100% non-profit, volunteer run.

Help us at www.vokra.ca and katiesplaceshelter.com/

Posted by Grino on March 11, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

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