Cee-Lo Before & After!


Remember Cee-Lo's Story? He survived an animal attack and lost most of the skin and fur on his face. See his before and after pictures and original story below.

A Huge Thank You to Dr. Manjet of Killarney Animal Hospital for his amazing surgery on Cee-Lo.

VOKRA is in desperate need of Foster homes, especially as kitten season approaches.
Our organization is driven 100% by volunteers and donations; we have no paid staff and receive no regular or annual government funding or contracts. Please, volunteer or donate today so other cats like Cee-Lo can be rescued, kept warm, safe and healthy.



Cee-lo’s Story of surviving an animal attack & having his cries for help ignored

By Ellen

If Cee-lo’s story doesn’t make you tear up even just a little, nothing will. **GRAPHIC CONTENT**

This big, long-haired, little guy was wandering around near Commercial Drive for days, a giant, infected gash on the left side of his face where he had been viciously attacked by an animal. Although he continued to cry out in pain and distress, no one dared to approach him. Luckily, as soon as VOKRA was alerted to him, he was trapped and taken to the vet, where he underwent surgery, and received stitches to the side of his face. Currently, Cee-lo is recuperating from everything he’s been through, and eagerly enjoying all the goat’s milk, treats, and attention that he can get. He is certainly a brave little guy, on the road not only to recovery, but a brand new, happy life, and a brand new mane to boot!

Cee-Lo has tested FIV positive. He will be enjoying a long, healthy, easy going life with our Friends at Katie's Place.

Please help VOKRA with Cee-lo’s Vet bills. It is only with your support that VOKRA can continue to help Cats in need in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Every little bit helps:


Posted by Grino on April 19, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

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