Prince's Triumph From the Streets


My name is Prince. And I am funky. Well, make that fuzzy...

This big, regal guy is the King of Cuddling. He will crawl up into your lap and plant himself there for your petting pleasure or stretch out alongside you while you're lying down, but he's also happy to simply curl up near you on the couch and have a nap. He really just wants to be around you and know that you're there. He also loves to be held in your arms on his back like a baby so that he can look adoringly into your eyes--while you pet him, of course.

This cat's heart is as big as his giant paws, his great big head, his huge tail...okay, he's a big dude. He's not overweight at all; he's tall, dark and handsome. And he's looking for someone with some big love to give.

Don't let his distinguished white whiskers and white ear fur that looks like greying temples (we've dubbed him the Victor Newman of cats) fool you. He's crazy for catnip and is way more playful than you'd imagine for a guy his size. He loves chasing toys and diving in and out of his play tunnel like he's in training kind of event that involves jumping quickly through tunnels then drinking water out of a bowl with your paw.

He was obviously someone's much loved cat at one point. We don't know if he was abandoned or got lost but he clearly spent a long time alone, trying to fend for himself. He was found taking shelter from the cold behind an apartment building, rail thin, starved almost to death and very ill. VOKRA nursed him back to health and watched him grow in size and in strength. He's made an incredible recovery that no one expected. We know he will continue to thrive when we find him the perfect forever home where he will get the love and attention he so deserves.

Prince hates other cats and is very territorial so must be the only cat in your home. Depending on their age and temperament, he may be okay with older kids who would like to play with him but not annoy his royal majesty. He's had a rough go of it and his health will need to be monitored in the years to come but through it all he continues to be loving and trusting of humans. One of his most adorable habits is when he reaches out one of his big paws to touch your arm or leg for a while, as if to just be sure of you. Prince deserves somebody he can be sure of, for always. Could it be you?

Posted by Grino on May 20, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

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