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VOKRA's Karen, Clare, Lisa and Alannah were at Point Grey Fiesta Days this weekend.

Vancity is very interested in partnering with charities in their community – and they picked us (and Farm Folk City Folk) to share their tent.

So, VOKRA was happy to attend the event to spread the word about what we do - rescuing over 1400 kittens and cats per year and finding them forever homes.

VOKRA brought along a number of kittens – guaranteed traffic generators!

Isaia and Piri were happily playing together in a cage and sniffing at all the fingers poked in to scratch them behind the ears.

Click on the pictures to read more about these adoptable kittens!

They looked especially cute chasing little plastic balls around the cage. And when they napped, they decided to do that in the litter box! *sigh*

Remy, Lisa’s foster, was in a harness and sitting out on the table. He was amazingly relaxed despite being picked up, stroked and tickled by lots and lots of people. The kids loved him! One person came back four times to see him!

And then VOKRA had our secret cuteness weapon – the bottlefeeders. Karen had to bring them along as they were going to need feeding, so the four little ones demonstrated the art of sucking on the little bottles. We got lots of questions about what to feed kittens and were able to reinforce “no cow’s milk!”

The event was a great success and VOKRA is always happy educate the community on what we love to do!

If you want VOKRA to visit your community event email us at info@vokra.ca

To volunteer, foster (have kittens at your home) or donate to VOKRA, please visit www.vokra.ca

Posted by Grino on June 24, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

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