Second Chances II


Olive and Wilbur (aka Princess and Willie Nelson when they were with VOKRA) were rescued from a horrible life on the streets. Olive was found wandering a backyard - a victim of irresponsible 'backyard breeding,' thrown away because she wasn't profitable. Wilbur was found in a warehouse, abandoned by his previous owners (more backyard breeders), left to fend for himself. He was in bad shape, being beat up by local feral cats. Wilbur was also in desperate need of eye surgery, which VOKRA funded.

These two would have surely been considered unadoptable at most shelters and would have most likely been euthanized and not have had the chance at a loving forever home which they now have! These 2 cats make 500 adopted cats for VOKRA in 2012!

Read Wilbur's story below, as he likes to tell it : )

“I found it. I think it’s a cat.”

That’s what’s the man said who surrendered my sister to a Surrey animal
shelter. Besides being an unknown species, she was also completely covered in mattes and had to be shaved into this silly looking lion cut.

(Yuck - I sure hope I don’t have to get one of those!)
Mom says that Olive may be a result of something called “backyard breeding.”
She has no visible nose and has to breathe out of her mouth all the time. That
causes her tongue to stick out at the size of that thing!!

Olive’s been here less than 24 hours and is already eating the cat friendly plants...

...all my yummy food, and YIKES...

..she’s even stealing the left-overs from my very own dish!!!

I mean, what’s a guy to do???
I guess I’ll just have to protect my food dish and learn to appreciate...

...her beautiful coloring, her soft coat, her teeny body, her baby tummy, her sweet disposition...

..and most of all, her funny looking owl face. Besides, it will be nice to have someone to nap with.

Purrs and cuddles, sniffles and snorts...................Wilbur

Support Cats like Olive and Wilbur at VOKRAs 3rd Annual Walk a Thon!

Posted by Grino on August 2, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

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