Thank You to Whole Foods!


VOKRA would like to thank Whole Foods, and assistant manager Mike Norrie, for allowing us to put a table outside the 8th and Cambie store on September 8th. We enjoyed meeting Whole Foods customers and passers-by to talk about VOKRA.

Katherine and Alannah brought the Star Trek kittens Sisko and Picard and they attracted more people than free gelato on a hot summer day! We were positioned outside the main doors next to a mountain of ripe cantaloupes; local and organic, of course, just like Sisko and Picard. After a few hours we had a box full of donations, new volunteer names on our sign up-sheet and had spread the word about the Walk for the Kitties upcoming on September 23rd.

Thanks to Whole Foods and the community at Cambie and W8th!

The setup – with Sisko and Picard demonstrating the art of sleeping in the litterbox!

Picard on the lookout for potential adopters while Sisko plans his next move

An ardent admirer

Posted by Grino on September 11, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

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