Hoover's Happy Ending


VOKRA sees 1400+ cats and kittens a year and our favourite part is to hear from them in their new furever homes! Hoover was adopted about a month ago and was originally found living beneath a vacuum store in Vancouver which is how he got his name!

From Hoover's new Guardian:

"I've now had Hoover for a full month. He's in my arms as I type this, as he's never one to turn down a chance to cuddle - or to play. He's very social and loving; he's popular with all of my friends and loves to get an armpit rub while flopping in someone's lap. He likes sitting on his scratching post, making biscuits, catching mice, and taking long, romantic walks in the sooty fireplace. He is a very special guy who brightens up my days. Oh, and he's learned to looooove his Wellness morsels in delicious gravy."

Posted by Grino on November 20, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

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