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Introducing Catses

Somerville kitchen was too quiet after the passing on of kitchen cats (read Sad Day).

VOKRA, an impressive group of volunteers, came to the rescue with Miguel (now Ambar) and Snow White (now Susie).

Brother and sister, found abandoned in Prince Rupert at the age of 4 months. Rescued by VOKRA volunteers and fostered by a loving volunteer for 3 weeks until they made it to somerville kitchen.

All you have to do is look at her and she starts purring.

She was shy, almost feral at the beginning, hiding in any corner she could find. Now she is proving to be the more courageous of the two.

A week later, as soon as she sees me, she makes those welcoming meows and starts purring loudly.

She loves rolling around feet, purring then going to her scratching pole to exercise her arms.

She likes her food and she may turn into a chubby, but loving and adorable snow ball.

Her brother is two-thirds her size. He tries to come across as the protector of the family, making a hush hiss as soon as he sees you.

But now he is turning into a mush, rolling his stomach over to anyone who pets him.

Adventurous and playful, he loves running after balls and playing with his feather toys.

He is yet to make a sound that I am wondering if he is a mute one. But he is very expressive and, with his eyes, lets you know if happy or mad, hungry or content.

Catses adore each other. They play all night and cuddle together all day. Most importantly, they are now comfortable enough to join me on my feet for an afternoon nap in their room.

Posted by Grino on December 31, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

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