Get a Room, Kittens


Here's a fun video of Monkey and Thunder, two of six VOKRA kittens that were fostered 10 months ago and who's foster could not resist adopting (the other 4 found great homes). This video is going viral on Youtube right now and has already made the CTV News in Halifax and the Love Meow blog! Their mother is a very wild feral cat, so the kittens had to be separated from her at 6 weeks old in order to ensure the kittens would grow up to like humans. They turned out to be incredibly sweet and loving, but their early separation from their mom has made them quite "kneady."

Have look and see for yourselves:

You may know these little guys from their first YouTube Video, "A Den of Kittens:"

Posted by Grino on January 17, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

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