VOKRA works with SPCA to slow feral-cat reproduction


VOKRA would like to extend a very special thank you to our Feral Cat Trappers, Maria, Mona and Janet who trapped 33 cats, 3 of which who were pregnant, in only 10 days!! Also to Marlene, all our VOKRA drivers and so, so many more volunteers that help us everyday and for this special 2013 SPCA Fix day.

Because of their efforts, these feral cats will live a longer, healthier existence once spayed and neutered. Also, spaying and neutering feral cat populations in the most humane and EFFECTIVE way to control the feral cat population and prevent the production of endless litters of kittens.

These women stay up half the night trapping, caring for cats, taking them to the SPCA fix day and then go back to their "real" full time day jobs!! And it is not only for this special SPCA Fix day. This is their lives week in and week out. They have hearts of gold and know what hard work is.

VOKRA Trapper with a kitty that will now have a healthier and longer life!

11 Cats in the waiting room.

Maria, VOKRA Vice President and Co-Founder, making sure all paper work is in order.

You can help too! Volunteer, foster or adopt from VOKRA and help save lives.

Here are two article about the 2013 SPCA Fix Day.



Posted by Grino on February 26, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

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