Rescuing Mr. Felix


Here is a wonderful update from the furever parents of a kitty that was living outside as a feral in Burnaby. The very nice people who were feeding him, contacted Maria to help trap him because they noticed he was drooling. Maria caught who would later be known as Mr. Felix, had him neutered and many of his teeth extracted. The feeders wanted him to join their household so they brought him inside after his fix and tamed him!

Here is an update from Mr. Felix’s furever home.

Attn: Maria,

Hi! It’s Liz with Mr. Felix.
I figured it’s been a little while since you have brought him home to us after all of his treatment. If you remember, he is the Feral kitty in Kensington that had 9 teeth removed, an abscess treated, ear mites removed and needed to be neutered. Since he has come home, we decided to keep him indoors until he accepted us as his humans. He has come around amazingly. He now loves his humans (that is me and my mom) and is quite the cuddler. He is very vocal and loves to be touched and kissed on the head. When we met you, he was in such rough shape that we couldn't touch him. Quite feral! He has lost most of his feral behaviour. As for his health, he is feeling exceptionally better. As soon as we could, we got him into the vet up the street to give him a lion cut and get rid of all of his yucky matted fur. Since then he is in love with being shaved down. He loves the feeling of his skin on soft blankets and being pet. He Loves all meat especially roasted chicken and loves to chase toys around the house.

I have attached a few photos of him so you can see his progress. The first photo is of him on the first day you dropped him off and the second photo is of him right after his lion cut. You can see all of the scabs from the flea infestation that he had. He is on regular revolution treatment to rid him of the ear mite problem that still exists. It is almost gone but still a few of them kicking around. I hope you enjoy the photos and THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP. We love him to bits!!!!

Posted by Grino on March 25, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

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