Popsicle is ready for a furever home


Like so many of VOKRA’s kitties, Popsicle has had her own rough start in life.

This past November she was found and brought to VOKRA near death – malnourished, sick, afraid and before too long was also found to be pregnant. Her prognosis was grim, but there was undisputed hope she’d pull through and thrive.

It was a bumpy road, but with much tending, patience and love from her VOKRA foster family she’s been able to make a resilient recovery. Her adorable, healthy kittens Horse and Smoko were finally born a couple months ago.

Over these last couple months, Popsicle has proven to be a good mom to her kittens while she herself continues to flourish on a daily basis. Both Horse and Smoko have found their forever home and have been adopted together.

Popsicle, who was once so scared she would only feed from a popsicle stick, is now much more trusting of people, loves being scratched at the base of her tail, gives amazing head butts and is quite playful overall.

She’s still a bit shy with new people, but with a bit of patience she’ll only feel more confident and comfortable in time.

You only have to take one look at Popsicle to know she’s a beautiful cat, so full of life and charm, and incredibly deserving of a good home. To give her the best chance possible, it would be preferred she find a calm, loving home without young children or dogs.

If you feel her place is at home with you, please contact VOKRA right away.
Popsicle can’t wait to meet you!

by Mélanie Kimmett

Posted by Grino on March 31, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

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