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The Dogwood Monarchist Society is an amazing group of drag queens and kings who are as glamorous as they are generous.

For 40 years, the group has been a positive force in their communities, raising money for charities and being a family to one another across chapters from Canada, the USA and Mexico.
In 2012, the society elected to raise money for VOKRA, and has so far raised much needed funds for the cats and kittens in Metro Vancouver.

I attended the coronation for the new royal family on Granville Island March 6th and I must admit, I was far under-dressed, and hadn’t realized what a formal affair it was to be. The room was filled with royalty; dapper suits encrusted in rhinestones, flowing, glittery gowns, and the biggest most fabulous hair swept up into crowns twice as high.

I was the cat lady in a denim dress and clunky boots. Yes, I wore clunky boots and a denim dress to a royal ball. At least I had lint-rolled prior to leaving the house. Nonetheless, I took a front row seat and enjoyed these amazing, beautiful, and generous men, women, and everything in between. The lip-sync performances were emphatic, and people lined up in royal court fashion to tip in crystal bowls on either side of the stage.

Thank you so much to the Dogwood Monarchist Society on behalf of all of VOKRA for your generous work and for the amazing show! (If you invite us back I promise to wear something more appropriate.)

To learn more about the society go here:

Blog post by Alexis Baran

Posted by Grino on April 14, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

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