Hector's Rescue Story


Hector is a very gorgeous and forgiving kitty. He is a love bug and a gentle soul who needs a forever home!

Hector's story is a sad one, waiting for its happy ending.

Hector was found under the porch of one of our foster homes. Hector was scared, thin and unapproachable at the time. He needed to be trapped so that he could get the care he needed.

Later, VOKRA found out a little of Hector's history (a rare find indeed.) Hector's 'owner' left him to fend for himself outside. His 'owner' would leave food out but not bring Hector inside, no matter what the conditions were outside!

Luckily, a neighbour would feed Hector too so that when Hector's 'owner' fell upon hard times, had to move away and left Hector behind, Hector was being fed by someone until he was miraculously led to hide under the porch of a VOKRA foster to be trapped and cared for.

Hector was found with a sore leg which showed an old break and was kept wrapped for a little while. X-rays still show a crack although he doesn't seem affected by his leg now as he bounces around like any other cat!

Hector survived 11 years fending for himself and now deserves a forever home. He suffers minor health problems as a result of his neglect and will need a kind, patient and loving new forever Guardian.

Please consider adopting Hector
or donating to VOKRA to help cats like Hector.

Every little bit helps!

Posted by Grino on April 28, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

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